Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc.

Course 6 - Recall and Traceability

Recalls can happen to anyone in any industry. Maintaining traceability starts when your primary ingredients/product and packaging are received, and ends when your product goes out the door. Each step of this process must be tracked through your facility. An effective traceability program is the key to being prepared in the event of a recall or product withdrawal. This e-learning session will cover what to do in the event of a recall, the importance of testing your recall program, picking a recall team and traceability best practices as well as discuss why a business continuity plan is good business.

By the end of this e-learning session you will be able to:
• recognize the need for product traceability and be able to implement it for your products, ingredients and packaging
• select and train your recall team
• understand what to do in the event of a recall and be able to test your recall program
• develop a Business Continuity Plan and understand it’s role in your business